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Restoring hardwood floors is necessary upkeep in any home that has hardwood floors. After time, hardwood floors get scratched, nicked, and scuffed. Thankfully, wood floors can be refinished multiple times during their life. Hardwood floors should be sanded and refinished about every five years, depending on the amount of foot traffic. Sanding your floors down and applying a finish will return the striking luster and shine that they once had. Within a few days of filling out our simple request for quote form, your floors can be shining like new again!

Restoring Hardwood Floors is a Step-by-Step process

The sanding and refinishing process takes a couple of days to complete. First, your hardwood flooring contractor will sand down your hardwood floors to remove all of the scratches and wear that they can. They will choose the grit of sandpaper appropriate to your floor. This is selected this based on the last time your floors were last refinished, the amount of wear and tear they have, and the type of wood.

Next, they will apply multiple coats of finish to your hardwood floors. In between coats, they will buff the floors lightly to ensure a smooth finish. They use environmentally friendly polyurethane. You can also request an oil finish or a stain.

Restoring your home’s hardwood floors is a cost effective home improvement that will vastly improve the look and feel of your environment. It is just the thing they need to make them shine like new again. Contact Houston Hardwood Floor Refinishing for all of your floor refinishing needs. We look forward to providing great service to you in the future!

Example Projects

I want to get my 50 year old hardwoods refinished to match our new dark kitchen cabinets. Houston, TX

Refinish existing wood floor (approximately 2500 sq ft), looking both for improved finish and darker color, would like to consider light distressing as well. Can you give me a ballpark price per square foot? Katy, TX

Refinish wood flooring in home. Houston, TX

Sand/refinish dining room 144 sq ft, sand refinish living room 440 sq ft Missouri City, TX

I would like a quote for hardwood floor refinishing.  The house is 10 years old (5 for me) and I do not believe they have ever been redone.  They have a clear finish (no stain).  Thanks. Sugarland, TX